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Presentation of the evolutionary movement "White Light of Ural".

Evolutionary movement has started on October, 19, 2001 with reprinting of the book of Robert Jerard "Activation of DNA" (USA) in city Ekaterinburg (Ural, Russia) for participants of a seminar "The Flower of Life" of  Drunvalo Melkhisedek (USA).

Participants of the movement are engineers, scientists-inventors, methodology, mathematicians- programmers having wide experience of realization of methodological principles of the engineering approach to execution of Scientific Research Works with an embodiment in real devices, projects, techniques, programs. Etymological roots of a word "engineer" (the tracing-paper in Latin "in-genero" means to create, to make) can be found in the Arabian language: “distinguishing preferable order in a variety”  or “ the skilful builder ”.

Methodological principles of the engineering approach demand obligatory theoretical check of any project on a realizability. For this purpose individual scientific theory (IST) is created under each project. It describes the processes concerning a part of a reality, limited by the physical or social content of the project, and as though "cut out" from a body of a reality as the whole. Such modelling allows to look after both the nearest, and the remote natural consequences of realization of the project, and also the destiny of those part of a reality which is covered by this project, and destiny of all reality. This theoretical procedure allows to relate the project to realizable (type R), or to not realizable (type not-R).

Art of the engineer is, that at "cutting" there was no gradient (overfall, a difference in anything). It is just the criterion of adequacy of IST and, hence, of realizability of the project. Who yet has not forgotten the happy hours which have been carried out with the children's designer, easily will understand the essence of the described criterion - the configuration and the sizes of the "taken volume” should correspond in accuracy to a configuration and the sizes of volume of the "emptiness" formed by the act of this extraction. Otherwise we receive not realizable project.

It is necessary only to tell about real "trifle". For that it will be possible "to cut out" any part, it is necessary, that there will be just that whole to which this part integrally belongs and in unity with other parts of this whole gives to it unique individuality. To put it briefly, to construct the individual scientific theory, it is necessary to have the general scientific theory, a so-called Uniform Picture of world (UPW) in an arsenal of the own means.

To be convinced of that the above mentioned engineering approach accompanies with the mankind going to realization of it’s applicability – reduction to unity of variety of “forms and names ”of reality, -it is enough to address to works of Leonardo Da Vinchy , Nicjla Tesla, Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev, Gabriel, Crown, Robert Orosa dee Bartini, Nikolay Ivanovich Vavilov, Pobiska Georgievich Kuznetzov, Nikolay Ivanovich Korovjakov and many, many others distinguishing the preferable order in a variety.

 The level of individual development and presence of the checked up by practice of participants of our movement of methodological principles of the engineering approach allows to rise above interfaith, interethnic, intercultural and interstate contradictions. This is promoted to a great extent by that participants of movement realize the necessity of reduction to unity of variety of “ forms and names ” realities not only in the form of creation of the Uniform Picture of the World, but also in the form of the organization of concrete movement towards each other of religious faiths, science and religion, the state and people, races, the nations and nationalities, the states with various principles of the political and economic organization of life and activity.

The main problems for realized evaluating always were the problems of knowledge of himself and the world and a problems of self-determination. But the main difference of realized evaluating was, is and will be with them in centuries the realized orientation to investigate problems rising in front of them, not dependent on their scale, duration and area of occurrence, for, whether their decision (process) and\or the decision (result) will promote or interfere with Great Making - to reduction to unity of variety of “forms and names” of a reality.

Organizers - members of evolutionary movements:
  • «Svet Belyi Urala» («White Light of Ural») - the Coordinator:
    RAuELL’ Mukhamedyarov, the fifth Toltek; Member of Board of Coordination Council  NSEAW - Noospheral Spiritually - Ecological Assembly of the World
  • «University of Unity» (India - «Àmmà and Bhagavan») - Igor Kuznetsov;

With support of Bashkir NCA SO (National-Cultural Autonomy of Sverdlovsk Oblast)
- chairman Sufhat Nadyrov.

Successes for everybody in DEVELOPMENT
in Spirit, Biobody and in Society.

Advice (Council) of evolutionary movement «White Light of Ural»

Metodologist V.S.-B.. Byazyrov


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