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True and Reality of our World Phenomenon of success of the book and the film "The Code of Da Vinchi"









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True and Reality of our World:
Phenomenon of success of the book and the film
"The Code of  Da Vinchi".

Rauell' D. Muhamedyarov, Ph.D., director , the main designer of " Research Center Uralsemicondctor", Member of Board of Coordination Council of  Noospheric- Spiritually - Ecological Assembly of the World (NSEAW).

       Fashionable “blockbuster” can change a reality of the World more than all "sects" of the spiritual search taken together. For in this case it is the Sign of the Divine Foresight, that means Commemoration of the ending  of the period of domination of orthodox religions - churches, as first stage of Spirituality and development of Mankind of our (after the Flood) civilization. It is not denying of Christianity, but return to the Sources. It is impossible to deceive everybody all time by ersatz-spirituality, especially educated people of 21 century, century of the Internet - century of unlimited access to the information.

       It Was told by Jesus Christ: “There is nothing secret, that would not become obvious, and nothing happens secretly, that would not leave outside”. Matphey. 4:22

       Also it was repeated by him: “There is nothing secret, that would not become obvious, and secret, that would not become known and would not be found out”. Luka. 8:17

       And again Jesus has warned from hypocrisy: “There is nothing concealed, that would not be open, and secret, that would not be find out” Luka. 12:2

       Fasion – is a vector of public attention and development, it is a school of training of hundreds millions people with identical consciousness. Many people have already looked the film (and how many else will look it after the passions which have inflamed around of the "Code"!), many people read the book (it were issued   more than 60 million copies on 44 languages), and someone already the book about the book. Critics write – it is pseudo-historicism, and film is absolutely bad. In Byelorussia film was forbidden.

       First I have looked the film, and then read the book. The internal Voice (the Angel!) has urgently demanded me to have looked the film: "Go, go, go now!". I have come five minutes before the film,  have bought last ticket,  cashier Irina (i.e. regal), place number 21, row number 3, time of the session - 21.30,  date 21.05.06. Some mysticism, 3 numbers of 21, Three Trinities, Card of Òaro - 21 (the last), - "The Universe - the World, the Ending and the Beginning of cycles of Development. Woman – is open essence. Full understanding of all Applicability.  At necessary time, at the necessary place ".

       - what understanding is sent for me by God through That Sign - "3¦21"?

       - to write this article (for the beginning), for Graal’ - is the technology of Revival of mankind and of the devastated Earth! Great Goddess - Mother after centenary sleepiness and oblivion!

       Film is looked on one breath, nobody leaves. Some stages of that film are known to me. And after the film dream dreams to me, it is repeated three times too. For I am not ready to acceptance of it …! It means, that the facts at a level of a physical Reality will appear!

       Almost 7 years I study (in a presence of time, it is necessary also to work) the history of religions and esoterical knowledge theoretically and practically, at seminars of development. I have achieved the level of rise of energy of Kundaliny-Shakty in the biobody since June, 2004 (dance of Shiva), or descending of Sacred Spirit, in terms of Christianity, repeatedly and publicly.

       In the film by way of a historicism and the facts there is no especially new something, these materials are stated very in details, in such books as: N. Hodakovsky "Crowned on a cross", 2003, Lawrence Gardner "The Empire of Rulers of Rings ", 2003,  S. Sal'nikova "After Revival", 1999 ã, and in many others, supplementing these. There is also a whole layer of the information: "Jesus's Lost years " - E.K. Profet and other books, about Jesus's long life, before and after the Revival, in India, about the "Tibetan" Gospel "Life of Sacred Issa"  about his descendants in India, about his tomb in Srinangur (ashes of prophet Jus Asaf - Jesus the Collector).

       And in 3 days, on May, 24 as "Imp from a snuffbox " (that anybody in Russia has not thought, that film is based on the false facts), in the best genre of PR, the senior scientific employee of the Hermitage professor M.Anikin jumps out, and through News declares: "It is all mine, these are all my discoveries, they have robed me, Den Brown must undergo the court ".

       By the way, it will already 4 attempt in the world to accuse - condemn Den Brown for plagiarism.

       And, one more million Russians, readers of "News", have gone to look scandalous “blockbuster”. And one more article in "Izvestiya", from May, 29 already about success of both the writer and the film. And magazine "Expert" (¹ 20, page 102) has not remained outside, and "Arguments and the Facts" (¹ 22, page 18), and "Russian Newspaper" (¹ 115, page 9) too.

       Film causes a shock in the ordinary spectator if he, certainly, has still kept ability to reflection.

       They deceived us during almost 2000 years, Den Brown declares.

       And what is a result of viewing of the film?! Probably, the religious outlook of the spectator (if, certainly, it is present at him) has received ringing slap on the face. The part of spectators (even if 5 %, it is already good) will reflect: “And where then and in what are the Sources of Spirituality, that has brought to us- has left  Jesus, son of Maria: (1) religion - church for Divine slaves, or (2) Love and Knowledge of True of Creation? ".

       And film responds us - True in a WOMAN1, for she is in the centre of Creation!

Here is how explains the  favourite place from apocryphal "John Bogoslov's Revelation" (XXVI - about the number of angels) 6-years (!) Lana2: "If angels as much, how many are people, it  means, that  angels can be women too. So, the woman can be an angel. Both the woman is the prophet, and the God ".

       The East says: "Shiva without Shakty is shava3. At birth of Space Shakty (energy) acts in a role of the Creator, And Shiva (consciousness) - in a role of the witness ".

       The Person is created from Spirit (according to a matrix of the Creator, instead of "according to image and similarity ", for the God is not a human) and from the woman. The creator and his Creation are of a feminine gender. The Mother’s-fatherly sincere-Spiritual and father’s-Motherly spirit-Sinceral unity of the Creator causes sharply painful reaction of unacceptance in the world of man's religions - churches. For only the woman is Life-giving (so great, nevertheless, is Russian language). For the Spirit (idea, the man) without the woman is fruitless. Mother-the raw Earth, our wet-Nurse, and Father - the Radiant Sun.

       The Cross was thought up not by Catholics, and a swastika not by fascists. It is “Kolovrat” - rotation of crosswise (two pairs of poles) equatorial magnetic field of the Sun, one rotation for 28 days, and poles are varied each week. It is revealed by experimentally interplanetary sonde in 1972. Here it is the physics of a divine symbol, as a base reality of our world.

       Also springs up the question – how during for two thousand years Catholic (that is Universal, in Russian) church blossomed and dominated. And the film - the book and the history of our World responds: all heterodoxes were pursued: men basically through court, and women without superfluous sentimentalities were hammered by stones, burnt and heated (5 mln. is Den Brown's figure.). For her, the woman, they have initially declared dirty, a receptacle of a sin. The church marriage has appeared only in 11 century and, only as the indulgence - a payment for a sin.

       Here there are Words for you - "God is Love " and … Deals. The purpose (domination of church and the state as man's institutes of a vertical of authority) justifies the means. There are no competitors, healers of a biobody and mentality ("witch" - from a word "to know") - problems are also not present. For the beginning, Catholics have burned in 391 year more than 500 000 manuscripts of the Alexandria Library (huge wisdom of epochs) and then have re-wrote anew the history, theology and philosophy.

       And manuscripts of Prophets, historical certificates are dug out and appear yet! The Truth (True of the Creator and his Creation) does not burn on fire and not sink in sand of desert and in a history.

       And if only Catholics of the West!

       Ole Nidal (the lama, one of two leaders of the direction of Karma-Kague Buddhism) declares at the lectures: "Monks in India deceived everything during 2,5 thousand years, Shri Gautama Shackyamuni (Buddha) has achieved an enlightenment - awakening in  embraces  of awakened  Woman, but not sitting under a tree banyan". Lev Teternikov (Moscow): "Teachers of yoga deceived all in India, and all over the world, yoga without the woman is simply physical culture. Only pair yoga-Tantra results in Awakening the Person " (i.e. to a rebirth - to Revival (a comment of the author)).

       Why Catholics, Brahmins, yogins of all times and peoples so hate women? The answer is very simple! Near to the Real Woman it is necessary to be - to become the Real Man, the man – embodiment of developing and impregnating Spirit. And each act of an embodiment of the Trinity (the husband + the wife = the child) is possible only through the woman. Initial sexual attributes of the boy start to form in a womb of mother only after 1,5 months of common woman development. We ask persons who are doubting to look - to feel seam from the bottom side.

       The Wife for the Husband is Happiness and Love! But not torture and a shame for husbands! (there are verses).

       Life is theatre, and all of us are actors in it. Both the professor – the historian of art of Hermitage Anikin, and writer Brown, and the director of the film,  writers (mentioned above), and spiritual leaders - everyone play their roles on a stage of life where the Main Director is the GOD.

       The Success of the book and the film, is the Good Message, God (Creator) yet has not left us, he still hopes for our Development, on our mass Revival and Acceptance of Spirit. Also there will be descending of Light Spirit into a biobody of the awakened/revived Person (Rise of Consciotusness, instead of a biobody), the Reality of  today's Stage of Evolution of the Person of the Earth is those.

       "The God has created the Person, and (now) the Person should create himself (rebirth - Revival). If you will stay in the environment such as the God has (originally) created you, nobody  can help you. So is the rule of the law of Evolution" [the Knowledge Book (Gold), Ch.1, p. 4; Ch.3, p 47]. The Gospel from Phillip [a verse 90]: " … If they not receive at first Revivals being still alive, when die they do not receive anything ".

       Prophet Ieshua, son of Maria, as well as Muhammed, as well as Gautama - all of them are Buddhas-awakened. And Prophets are not the property of priests, mullahs, bramines, monks with their awards, churches and other attributes of religious faiths. They and, through them - Light of Knowledge, are sent by the Creator (the Ruler of the Worlds) to all of us for comprehension themselves, the World around of us and Spirituality, as True (i.e. Organization, the Law and Evolution of the Universe and the Person).

       Secret of Graal’ is not opened by Den Brown. The piece of the Way, the Direction is shown only.

       In order to learn, to find out a secret, first of all it is necessary to destroy false Ego, then thinking MIND will transfer in reasonability (DEVELOPING MIND). Understanding only through experience of shown (this is not named (1) and not made (2) see site of I. Kalinauskas). Shown (3) is natural, it is magic. Shown is a person, in him is everything (1,2,3). But he names himself (demonstrates), then makes (embodies named in a reality) and he comprehends the God shown to him through Personal Experience - Love, as Connection - Unity with Him.

       If your biobody and mind > reason are ready (are cleared), the God  is coming to you through  the Shown4 (+ super synchronicity of events, see "3¦21" in the beginning) and only then you have opportunity to cognize Him. Logic studying does not give you anything, it is only the first stage, a picture - the good looker in the TV, even no possibility to touch.

       There are books of Reason for your Development /movement, these are Books of Knowledge: Gold,  Enoch, Slav-Arian Vedas, By Drunvalo Melchisedek, By Hose Arguel’es, Jusmuheen, Alexander Kljuev, Teun Mares and, for the beginning, Paolo Koel’o.

       The First stage is a Knowledge of Books of Knowledge, including their Practices (to learn as the woman through Connection - Coupling) for understanding (return to reason). Logic philosophizing without opening heart, without love, without ecstasy of experience is an impasse. Philosophizing concerning Books of Knowledge is a Darkness, but not a Light. It leaves MIND at a level of a backpack, filled by books.

       Siddhy (perfection) of Joining to Knowledge and work of Knowledge at a level of Creation - Energy of Creation (the Embodiment of the Plan of the Creator into a reality) only through Awakening - Super Experience of Love and Unity With All Creation and the God inside himself (Samadkhy). Just thus Siddhy is revealed outside of logic thinking, it is constant and present work at a level of inspiration - intuition.

       To learn to float, it is necessary to rush into water. All logic philosophizings of the subject concerning spirituality, as well as prays, are fruitless without personal experience - ecstasy, connection with Spirit. Set of teachers of spirituality are similar to the teacher of sex, which himself never touched the woman for learning of her through Experience of affinity. And how many are taught by him, and how they will be learned by him, and to what? What is the result?

       And the result of these logic doctrines and domination of religions - churches is known: the logically-technocratic World on the brink of a precipice, and 95 % of educated people of the Christian World have  turned away not only from Christian religion - churches, but also from Spirituality in general.

       At that the West imposes to other world the Spiritless and the Cult of the Gold Taurus in the financial and military way under the slogan - covering "Freedom, Culture and Democracy of the Christian Civilization ", (and that ostensibly takes place super crisis Christianity-Islam, the West - the East), intimidating over sensitive ones and weakly thinking people by bogy of terrorism.

       It is just Satanizm5!

       That is in what is the Main Problem of our World and our Time !!!

       And writer Den Brown, after Paolo Koel’o, returns us to Sources of Spirituality, to violent search of oneself, to Search of ways of an exit of the World from Crisis (as far as is realized, it is other question).

       Our Evolutionary Movement6 synthesizes - restores technologies of the Short (accelerated) Way of Awakening - Enlightenment of the Person on the basis of the engineering - scientific approach (methodology). The pure science is on national "occupations of professors of a sour russian cabbage soup".

       On March of this year (on an equinox 15.03 - 25.03.06) I have made travel to Egypt with group " Flower of Life " (direction of spiritual search of Drunvalo Melchisedek) under the program " To find one’s force in sacral places of the Earth " (see the report). After returning they have sent to me the Gospel from Judas, acquaintance to its contents on base of the Gospel from Phoma and Phillip, have shown that our Short Way, in essence, is the Christening by Light, Alive Light of True - Spirit, Light of Transformation.

       Recollect, John - Christener has told: " That (Those - the comment of the author) who will come after me will christen you not by water, but by fire (light - the comment of the author) ". Those - are 144000 Awakened Sons of Light of the Second Coming7. Nobody will arrive on plates (and will not be teleported) to clean our Augean stables. Sons of Light may be get out (second rebirth-revival) only from oneself.

       Water is a first stage, Cleaning and disposal from False Ego. While you in mind, you –are shava (there is no Coupling - Connection with Knowledge), and in Acceptance of Experience of Unity, you - are Shiva.

       That, who is the Uniform God (the Creator and the Ruler of the Worlds) never divided us into men and women, on ethnoses and races, on laymen and pastors, on churches and religions. He simply sent Knowledge of Uniform True of Creation and if among people there appeared a Person who was ready to hear True (having ears) he heard it. If he had pupils - followers who carried this True, varying the World, such Person, in a consequence, they name Prophet (Avatara). One of which is just the son of Maria, Jesus.

       And he has left to us the lines: "Who has ears to hear, hears" Mph. 11:15

       - And at you, my Reader, beloved brother, beloved sister, whether with hearing is everything all right?

       - And who if not you, will change this World to the best?

1Look Larissa Vasil’eva. News of Vasilisa, or secret, opened for everybody, magazine “Sience and Religion” ¹ 2, 2006, p. 8-12

2Electronic magazine “The X-Files…. all secrets of the epoch of Mankind”, iss. 48 from 04.06.2006:”Indigo childs”-new generation of people with phenomenal aura”; code of delivery: rest.mystery.xfiles on Subscribe.Ru

3corpse; i.e., man without woman – is only “leaving corpse” unable for species keeping, look Svami Mooktananda “Nava Joginy Tantra”, Minsk, 2006.

4that common mind names as miracle

5 Satana – Enemy of the God

6”Svet Belyi Urala” (White Light of Ural), We invite Everybody to Friendship and Collaboration for Lookin for and Finding of True, for development in Spirit and in Society. See our site:

7see Knowledge Book:- Keys of Enoch, Dj. Hurtak, p.691, 696, 706.





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