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Mukhamedyarov Ravil’ Davletovich.

Lee Hoonchzy informs [1], that we are the 83-th civilization on the Earth (according to the opinion of the author - the 84-th). Each cycle of a development of a civilization lasts for 25920 years during which an axis of the Earth describes a full ellipse of precession of equinoxes, the big axis of which is directed to the centre of our Galaxy. Because the Solar system is located very close (8,7 light years) to the threefold star system of Sirius, the author believes, that star system the Sun - Sirius rotates around the general centre of weights, describing spirals (Ò~104 thousand years) in their orbital movement around the centre of the Galaxy (200 million years).

Now the system is located as follows: if the centre of the Galaxy is located in the West (conditionally), then Sirius is located in a direction the East - the East - the South, we are in the centre, and the axis of the Earth is rejected from the centre of the Galaxy (Kali - Uga).

This mutual movement of the Sun - Sirius explains mistake of terrestrial astronomers in definition of the period of rotation of the Sirius–B  around the Sirius-A as 49.9-50.1 terrestrial years, while esoteric sources [2, 3, 4] informs about a cycle exactly of 52,0 terrestrial years.

According to the astronomical data, Sirius -B (the white dwarf, a neutron magnetic star, with diameter of ~600 km, weight corresponds to the Sun) will occupy extreme right position from Sirius at the end of 2012. The plane of an ellipse of an orbit of Sirius - B is inclined (~20 °) to us. In view of delay of light (8,7 light years), he has already occupied this position, de facto, in June, 2004 at the moment of retrograde passage of Venus across the disk of the Sun. Venus will pass again, but directly across the Sun’s disk in June, 2012. Double pass of Venus occurs very seldom, one per ~227 years.

According to the data given by N. Kozyrev and others, gravitational-magnetic radiation (radiation of time) moves as a minimum to 6000 times faster than light. That is, "aerial", as a piece of the direct Sirius (A) - Sirius (B), in June, 2004 has occupied the position of the maximal radiation towards the Solar system. At the end of 2004, 14 and 28 of October, during pair eclipses of the Sun and the Moon, we get over to the epoch of Aquarius and have received a reminder on it - the Tsunami on December, 26, 2004.

The Earth crosses the big axis of an ellipse of her orbit near to December, 22 and June, 22. Hence, delay (a constant of time) of the Earth ~4 days. The Epoch of the Fifth Sun will be finished on December, 22, 2012 so approves Hoze Arguell'es [3], after Indians Maya. All other authors writing on this theme have taken this date from him. Indians Hopi, as well as Maya, native (radical) peoples, predict that the Period of Shocks will be finished by new Balance not later than 2025. Native peoples are connected to Comprehension of the Mother - Earth.

The analysis of the data [2,3,4,5], and also of the data of the last years about magnetism of the Earth predicts (probability of 90 %, to opinion of the author) rearrangement by places of magnetic poles of the Earth not later than December, 26, 2012 which will be accompanied by three days of "darkness" [4]. Displacement of geographical poles is cancelled for a while because of the global warming (author). During an absence of a magnetic field there will be a deleting of a memory, it is necessary to turn out to this time the personal spiritual - magnetic field MER- KÀ-BÀ [4]. It is proved by the information of Ole Nidal, he has told (in reply to a question of the author), that in the prediction of Buddha Gautama  is told, that, when will come new Buddha (2500 years after Gautama, i.e. in our days) middle age of the population of the Earth will be 10 years. The author believes that survived adults (i.e. with strong physical health) will return to consciousness of 10-years children, hence, these adults - children will not remember taste of beer, vodka etc. defects. Many teachers (our movement is preparing them) will be necessary for them.

The cycle of a full circle of the Zodiac is equal to 25920 years (12?2160 years) and, according to Vedas and to the data [4], shares on eight not identical periods - the South (Kali, Dvapara, Treta, Satya). The increase on 2 occurs because of there are Uga of ascending (the axis of the ellipse of the precession of the Earth is inclined toward the centre of the galaxy) and the Uga of descending (the axis is inclined to other side). Now we are in  Dvapara-Uga of ascending, 900 years has passed (after) Kali-Uga and we have entered (1900) the epoch - the zone of great Changes. Here in cycle of Precession, delay (a constant of time) already is about 900-997 years.

So thus, I (by the way, I am native too - Bashkir from ancient Ural tribe Gayna) understand the physical mechanism, that realizes the spiritual- power pressure of the Supreme Reason for Evolution of Mankind on the Earth. The source [2] approves that the epoch (a zone of great Changes and "Golden Age") will be prolonged no more than for 800 years (since 2000), and further biological life of the Mankind on the Earth will be impossible.

It is caused by that our World (the Earth, the Sun, the Galaxy, the seen Universe) is very ancient and it’s space function is executed [2]. And, hence, reasonable (and is it reasonable?) human race of model ¹ 84 finishes a cycle of evolution on the Earth and everyone moves to the Humane Universe, everyone by itself and by "Narrow Gates" as Jesus Christ told.

Our Galaxy is collapsing. The huge black hole is found out in the centre of our Galaxy which pumps over the weight-energy of our Galaxy through space-time into the other hole, but already white hole, for creation of a new Worlds.

Stephen Hokins (the most known astrophysical scientists) has refused from his old hypothesis and considers now (2004), that at a transition through a black hole the information should not disappear (be erased) without fail. The Human Race of model of ¹ 84 will pass threw the «Narrow Gates»  in ecstasy of the Enlightenment, Revival and Ascension on personal Ship of Light of Mer-Êà-Bà [2,3,4]. Only an own spiritual field - the chariot of Light (Mer-Êà-Bà) will transfer us through the Worlds to another Universe, any technical means (plates of aliens, the ships) - can not carry out this problem.

Therefore an aliens, being very clever, technologically advanced, but without ecstasy (and energy of Êoondaliny), have surrounded the Earth and carrying out genetic experiments, trying to use a genotype of earthmen as transport for rescue of own race.

Now we shall go down closer to the Earth and to the Sun.

If for 5 billion years half of hydrogen on the Sun (as approves astrophysical scientists) has burned down, and the specific density of plasma (not the gases) of hydrogen and helium are almost identical, we receive, that the volume of the burned down fuel (helium) occupies on the Sun 80 % of its radius, 3 v (0,5) = 0,794, i.e. the zone of thermonuclear reaction is squeezed out of the Centre of the Sun to its surface. Danish scientist XXXXXXXXX (2003) interprets his supervision of the Sun incorrectly. The temperature in the centre of the Sun (14 million degrees) has not increased on twice simply the zone of reaction with high temperature has come nearer to the surface. So now the Sun for us will be always restless, and we, earthmen, we live in the atmosphere and in the magnetic field of the Sun. So is for you the physics of the process on the rest time of about 1000 years.

Still there is the message ÊÎÍ [6, p.41] known to the author since 70 years of XX century, about that the gravitational cyclone (black hole?!) is moving to the Solar system and in 6 thousand years it will turn out our world inside out. It is as though far, 6 thousand years, but nevertheless. But the magazine "Chemistry and life" has published the article (~1985?), that quantum standards of frequency on maser (ammonia) and the laser (helium-neon) had dispatched during joint supervision both in USA, and in the USSR. We are already in a zone of influence of the cyclone [a comment of the author]. Physics-conformists hide these facts, as it means, that the "fundamental" ratio of charge / weight of electron is varied. Thus the cyclone gives us the rest of time of ~1000 years too.

There is also information of G. Dzhemal’ [7, p. 66] about the rest of time about 400-600 years … up to the end of time on the basis of the analysis of the Koran. His end of Old Time (the cycle of 720 years) comes in 1440 of Hidzhra (2020) and 40 years of uncertainty (reorganization! - comment of the author). And 1440 is precisely 25920/18, or 2/3 of one mark of the Zodiac. The critical point of time 2020-25 years according to G. Dzhemal’s data coincides with predictions of Indians Hopi.

Swastika was thought up not by Germans, and a cross not by Christians. These symbols have more than 6 thousand years. It is simple the image of an equatorial magnetic field of the Sun for the observer from the Pole-Star. This cross (two pairs of poles on a circle: the south - the north - the south - the north) rotates together with the sun with the period of 26 terrestrial days counter-clockwise for the observer from the Pole-Star and forms a swastika of the Solar wind (see fig.). It was established by astronomers in 20 century [5].

But the Earth moves orbital to the same side, and it was necessary for the Creator of our Solar system and the Galaxy (in the beginning there was a word, i.e. divine numerology) that the phase of rotation of cross field caught up the Earth for two additional days. So, 2+26=4?7=28 days, 4 weeks of 7 days each. And once for each 7 days a direction of a magnetic field of the Sun (and the condition of a solar wind with it) varies within a day on opposite. So, during for 6 days the magnetic field of the Sun, radiating on the Earth, - is constant, and at 7-th day varies on the opposite.

It turns out, that Judaism, ordering to have a rest and pray in the sixth day of a week - day of change of a direction of rotation of the magnetic field of the Sun, bases on the Knowledge adequately describing this side of the Reality. “Shabbat is a special concept, it is “a break in time”, the planned order of change of speed of life … Not Jews have created Saturday, but Saturday has created Jews ” [8].

It is obvious, that at times of tsar Solomon, i.e. the times of blossoming of Judaic kingdom, change of polarities took place on Saturday - Shabbat. Therefore on this day it was forbidden for Jews to work - you see that on this day all electromagnetic structure of the Earth is reconstructed after it’s Mister-Radiant RÀ.

At the times of the prophet Muhammed this day of changing of the magnetic field has moved already on Friday (opinion of the author), therefore it is a day of a rest and pray of Muslims (i.e. obedient to will of All-mighty (Al-'Àziz) Allah), as the Islam was given by Archangel Dzhebrail (Gavriil) for all earthmen, but not only for inhabitants of Arabian peninsula. Allah in the Arabian language means the uniform God - Creator.

The author believes on the basis of the analysis [2], that now Shabbat falls to Tuesday. Be not zealous in a work on a Tuesday, dear colleagues.

Instead of the Gregorian disharmonious calendar with 365,25 days, Hoze Arguell’es [3] offers the Calendar of New Time (well forgotten old calendar of Maya, and of Druids) where there are 13 months in one year with 28 days of each and one day outside of time (adding leap-year - comment of the author).

Each month and week in this calendar has its own purpose-sense for success of the certain activity of the person. Prevailing colors of clothes for each day are even recommended.

H. Arguell'es in addition to the terrestrial calendar (13õ28=364+1) offers some more second but already astrological calendar in which he enters the solar year with 13õ20=260 days. In this calendar 20 solar seals have names-values, similarly to 12 marks of the zodiac, and also "colouring" - 13 tones. Concurrence of birthdays of the person to an ordinary calendar (365, 25 days) occurs once for 52 terrestrial years, i.e. coincides with one year of Sirius-B. Arguell’es names these 52 years as galactic year and the author – names them as constant of time of maturing of the Person. Astrologists determine the base cycle of Person’s life as 84 years, it is interesting, that 52/84 = 0,619 (gold section, an exponent).

But Arguell’es does not know the solar astrophysics of his calendar or does not consider it necessary to explain.

Kotterell [5] writes, that 260 days are 3 cycles (86,7 days) of formation-recurrences of a structure of solar spots, and naturally they are ten [comment of the author] solar  equatorial star days. Polar areas of the Sun do one rotation for 33 days.

Influence of the Moon on plants and human biology is already well-known and is standard. The period of bearing the child on norm lasts equally to ? of a rotation of the Earth (274 days) round the Sun. Physicians know, that a child himself hormonally starts a moment-process of a birth. According to opinion of the author a moment of a birth is chosen by soul of a child.

Thus, at birth a person receives a personal magnetic map of a condition of a universe at a moment of his birth which is fixed by his epiphys (there are magnetic grains inside). It is natural, that the Jove (his magnetic field on 100 thousand times is stronger than the Earth’s) and other planets also bring the tribute in this print of a magnetic-gravitational field on a structure-essence of a Human Person, setting his Destiny-Earmarking. Energy-information of a name, surname, patronymic, health and karma of his Sort accumulates on that.

There is also daily rhythm, the Earth rotates not round it’s axis, but round the centre of weights, and the nucleus of the Earth is not in the geometrical centre of the Earth (Sun pulls it to itself). As a result of it disharmony of a gravitational field of the Earth is observed in area of 5 o'clock in a morning and 17 o'clock in evening. At this particular time (as it well known by physicians) people are accustomed to finish the terrestrial life. Colleagues, please do not work zealous at this time, and it is also necessary to go to bed not later than 23 hours, otherwise the daily rhythm - overflow of energy in your body is broken.

Here for you the analysis of reality-physics of our world by eyes of engineer without prejudices (i.e. awakened).

If you want to recognize for yourselves, that the God-Creator has created the Universe and concrete you by the above described way, so take this Knowledge and live Richly and Happily, but within the framework of allowed by Destiny on this your embodiment.

And if no, so as lawyers say, - “Ignorance of laws does not relieve from the responsibility!”.

Nobody will go down from Heavens and will not divide mankind "on clean and not clean". Now is the Century of Knowledge, instead of religious dogmas.  Each chooses itself: by each idea, each word, each action creates the Reality of Being. And he(she) has a Right of Choice - Light or Darkness. And at the best case two more embodiments. The place of rotation of the wheel of Sansara  (for transformations) is closing.

Unfortunately for many, the True looks so (in opinion of the author) for March, 2005 from Christmas.


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