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Traveling of RA-u-ELL’ Mukhamedyarov to Egypt on equinox-March

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Traveling of RA-u-ELL’ Mukhamedyarov to Egypt on equinox-March, 2006, under the program: "To acquire one’s own force in sacral places of the Earth ".

Here I shall describe very briefly my trip from Ekaterinburg to Egypt in the period from March, 15 till March, 25, 2006 together with group "The Flower of Life"(Lubov’ Roguleva is the organizer).

In the period from March, 17 till March, 22 we have visited the big number of cities and temples of Egypt from Luxor up to Cairo, stopped (spent the nights) in 4 hotels.

In Giza, the suburb of Cairo, our residing was organized in hotel "Sphinx", very kind owner of which is Gudda Faed. He is a master of Reiky, and also is engaged in aromatherapy.

During the trip the group as a whole worked under beforehand prepared program of meditations.

      I worked under my own program of co-tuning and acceptance of everything that will occur (what is sent), plus the work-demonstration on each day’s sunrise (when it was possible). In my work participated and supported: Michael (town Serov), two Tatyanas (one of them is clairvoyant), Oksana (Chelyabinskaya oblast), Svetlana (town Perm) and Lubov’ Roguleva.

       During the whole trip, and also in the process of prays - demonstrations – self-initiations (and also spontaneous meditations) I have received a great number of dazzling Divine Signs of the Game - Support of Spirit (many of them publically and at a physical level):

-    In the bus from the airport of Hurgada, time 03:33 (red figures on a board) 16.03.2006 - comes the beautiful young man (one growth with me) and says on fine Russian, without accent: "Hello! I am your Guide, my name is Ravil’. I shall carry all of you, each group to it’s own hotel". (Ravil’is my Russian name, according to the passport, and on the Bashkir language – RAuELL’).

- The second Temple Guide’s name is Mukhamed, the name of the driver of our minibus is also  Mukhamed. So, in the bus during the whole route are three Mukhameds!!!

-  Just in the first Temple of Luxor1, when I have departed the group, two Keepers have taken me under hands, have conducted me to the separate room near to sanctuary of Amenkhotep III and have made a ceremony of Dedication (have seen - have recognized ?!). One of them touched first by the right hand the special place on the wall of the Temple (see photos) and then by the opened palm - my third eye, vishudha, and heart, and also shoulders, as though drawing a cross.

    When he has touched by the first movement my forehead - white - yellow light has flashed in the top part of my body (the second Keeper at that time was behind me). Then Keepers have disappeared, and I have repeated the ceremony for those of us who appeared opened for that.

-  In El-Amarna (20.03), in the palace of Nephertity  my sitting meditation, during the rise of the biobody has passed into the Dance of Shiva (the rise of Kundaliny in a physical body) – descending of Sacred Spirit. It has taken place after visiting palace of Ekhnatonand rocky tombs on a slope of the east hills. It was a gift of Spirit to my birthday 19.03.

       When the Dance (with asanas) has stopped, the energy from within me began to burst open – to extend me, and I has went out to the middle of the palace. At this moment two Tatyanas quickly came to me, and we have embraced densely, standing along the line towards the East. I touched with my legs to their legs for transfer the stream of energy. The stream of Light has captured first the whole Temple (the Pillar: the Earth - the Temple - the Sky), and then was distributed along the whole valley and has captured it all.

- In Giza (Sphinx hotel2), in the evening 20.03.2006 nealy at 23.20, I have explained for the group my vision of the work in Sacred places and offered the program of the work on March, 21 (unfortunately, it was accepted only at 30 %). At that moment the illumination of the Big Pyramid had switched up, approximately for five minutes.


- Prays-Demonstrations (self-dedications) I carried out beginning from Hurgada at sunrise. First myself only, then spontaneously joined Michael and/or both Tatyanas and Lubov’. At presence of the sea or pool (Hurgada, Luxor, Hotel Aton on a coast of Nile) it was accompanied by my subsequent bathing (á.î -?)..

      Just in the first morning in Giza, March 21, Oziris has come into my Pray, which I was carrying out on the roof of the hotel (5th floor) and has specified: "To connect        Ra-axis through the Pyramid and the Sarcophagus - inside the Pyramid (Hoofoo) and further the Sirius, Hoonab Koo".

- At the moment of going round the pyramid in direction towards the Sun by our group (I offered to go contrary to the Sun), the Sun was just reaching the top (there is a photo). I went barefoot, as well as in many other places. I felt a tension in my head and light ache. That is why I leant against cool stones of the Pyramid by my head, time by time.

-           I have carried out the work in the Sarcophagus (about three minutes) at 12:00, 21.03.2006, that is exact on an equinox. There was a precise visualization of process of movement up to the Centre of the Galaxy. With a characteristic gnash "Mechanism" inside the Pyramid, as though behind a wall of the Chamber, (lateral hearing - sight, 2 plan) has switched up. It has connected the Pyramid to the centre - the crystal of the Earth. Two big baskets like for rising of ore from mine which were hanging at chains, have started to move (up/down). In the sarcophagus I was shaked, as on the vibrator (activation of Kundaliny), and  Lubov’ quickly has pulled out me from the Process ("And if you will not return!?").

      First of all I have connected axis RA of a biobody to a Pyramid, after that, I has gone downwards, in the crystal nucleus of the Earth, have risen and have incorporated again to the Pyramid. Thus I was thrown out vertically upwards. The Earth, Planets, the Sun quickly have started to approach, and their sizes decreased more slowly, than their approachement. Further all these began to fail in the Cone - funnel and the sizes of all Solar system with large planets were compressed in the size of a football field. I have understood, that I quickly move to the centre of the Galaxy (Hoonab Koo). Here I was stopped by Lubov’. Clairvoyant Tatyana, has confirmed in the evening of the same day: Process of Transition is started (up to my story), and it is not necessary to see animated cartoons till their end.

            By the way, the Spirit has hidden from me the second volume of Drunvalo’s base book before the trip to Egypt (at work and at home). And after the trip the book was found at once. It was done for elimination of a setment. It was necessary to make a maximum possible, within the framework of my trip, with limited opportunities  (without unnecessary for me instructions of Drunvalo).

And it was made!!!

- After the pray-demonstration on sunrise 22.03.2006, the second day on the roof of hotel "Sphinx", there was a spontaneous power merge (dance - ecstasy) to the Great Sphinx, approximately at 07:00. Once again connection of axis RÀ and the program of Transition I have entered at 06:00 - 06:30, then both Tatyanas and Lubov’ have joined.

     And we four together have carried out spontaneously (in a stream) one more cycle of a pray - demonstrations with a little bit changed text. After that we placed everyone, from four participants, one by one, inside of the triangle formed by three other participants, for power harmonization and activation. Just after that there was a merge with the Sphinx. During that he "observed - was present" at distance about 300 meters, from a roof of hotel.

     Signs for this appointment (connection with energy) in my biobody have appeared yet two weeks prior to the trip to Egypt. Clairvoyant Tatyana has explained them to me (even before the  event).

     The Great Sphinx,Temples and the Pyramid of Egypt do not press,surprisingHarmony with the Person and Participation.

    A bit later, after spontaneous merge - meditation with the Sphinx during 15-20 minutes, small white clouds have appeared (three) above two big Pyramids of Giza (see the photo).

- Also there was a fine work four together (2 Yan’ + 2 In’) in the Red Pyramid with singing bowl and singing mantra "OM" (first (1+1) above and (1+1) below, and then (2+2) together below). And then was such sound resonance with a pyramid, that I forcely have changed the frequency of the sound "OO-OUM".  Michael worked at this time with singing bowl from Burma (by the way, Rauell’ is a reduction from name Rafaell’). The bowl was brought from Nepal by Lubov’ and Tatyana where they were during 23.02.2006 - 08.03.2006.

    At the first stage there was a strong flash of white light from above, as flashlight, it seems that at a physical levelalso (eyes were closed). It was amazing interaction with the pyramid. There was an opportunity to transfer spontaneously a level of work at the following Octave. Spirit specified it. The Gates for Super Power Work and instant transformation of all of 4 biobodies were opened. But the other three appeared not ready, unfortunately.

    And anybody except of us (2+2) was in chambers - cones within 30 minutes. It seemed so that the other part of our group, has disappeared in corridors of the Pyramid before the cones. They everywhere lay down on a floor. What for? I do not understand? All my meditations    (> Samadkhy) were-started sitting, then standing up (> Kundaliny).

- There was also the work in Memphis. I knew even before the trip, at least, 2 lifes-
incarnations in Egypt, but in details - only the second. It seems, that in Ell - Amarna the Spirit has told me, that in first life I was the Supreme Priest in the Temple of Ptakh3in Memphis - "Ur Kherp khemoot". Later he has named also the personal name. Our Guide has told me only 15 minutes later of our departure, that we were near to destroyed Temple of Ptakh, though I asked him to show me the ruins of the Temple. And, just in the Temple of Ptakhthere is the second Memphis’s  Sphinx (see the photo). It is one more sign in the Temple of Ptakh.

    But just there, in the park, at ruins I have got an artefact connecting me with this incarnation according to the sacral dream at the night from 19 to 20 of October, 2005. And just in that Temple   architecture and engineering were trained. And in the present incarnation, I have been realized first of all as Engineer.

      And near the Great Big Pyramid, I have recognized the place of a meeting: "Window - the entrance into the Pyramid, black floor of the Temple, in front of the Pyramid", from this sacral DREAM. Very significant meeting with the First Archangel (he was sitting in the window) when conversation + test … was held!!!

      I  have recognized the First Archangel immediately. We met earlier.

      Therefore I have asked him: "Who am I now?". He has answered …!!! But I already knew That because there was already a message in reality. It was the second meeting with him. The first meeting with this Archangel was in 1994. He tried (more than in the dream) to appropriate my energy. In the afternoon I have received a vertical trauma, have slipped on a hill. But I have recognized him at that moment, and have applied necessary and known mean of protection. Thank for Angels.

          They have made cartush4 for me (in Luxor and have completed hieroglyph "RA" in Hurgada) in which my name begins as the same in Ramzes. Ancient Sacred hieroglyphs are executed by gold on silver.

          After returning from the trip I have read and seen the content of the second volume of Drunvalo absolutely in another way (Keys are received). Earlier all seemed to me about science fiction.

      Through reading of books about Egypt one of meanings of the Sign of time "333" (returning) has opened to me. And lot of more… and Process proceeds!!!

- Some more signs:

      1. The photo of "Heavenly" Anubis! It was in Luxor. In the Valley of Kings on March, 17.

      Black Anubis (the god - the jackal) is preparing those who left their biobodies for future life, for Revival after death. He conducts the account of acts of a soul during a court above him(her).

      The Blue sky through mountains - rocks, look from an entrance into the tomb from under a ladder. I looked there for small stones-slices from the rock, have looked upwards and have seen. Now Heavenly-blue Anubis specifies to all of us: "Time of Revival in an alive biobody has come" (see the citation from the Gospel from Phillip at the end of the article "How to keep health... "). Anubis prompts also practices.

      As it was told by Jesus, son of Maria: "Having ears, will hear" (having eyes – will see. RÌ).

      2. In the Cairo museum (in the evening of 22.03.06) Tutankhamon has asked me (and all of you, the reader):

            - For what are all these (treasures, mine and of Egypt)?

            - Why I have left so early?

            - When I shall revive among you?  

At this moment I looked directly to his eyes (of his gold mask) from the distance about 35 sm.

- Trip to Egypt in the personal plan is a Development. New abilities - opportunities (siddkhy) are opening. There is a semantic crystallization - structurization - synthesis of knowledge and skills in a One Whole (time - experiences) with all Whole (space in space).

      What is the basic external result-meaning of urgent trip onan equinoxto Egypt on demand(they called also earlier) of Angels(Spirit –the  Source)for all of us?

      1. There is a strengthening of comprehension and support (a new level) from "Spirit – the Source". Keepers of Temples and simply Egyptians "saw" me, embraced, asked blessing. While all time of travel over Egypt there was surprising sensation, that I have come back home.

      2. The basic direction of the Way and the contents of the work on it (see our site: < >). There are no instructions on changes.

      3. The information at a physical level through the Russian newspaper from March, 15 is received. There was a note about possible victims of a chicken flu which I have read only after returning on March, 24 in hotel of Hurgada (a slice of the newspaper was left in hotel and was kept before my returning wonderfully). Hence, there is considered the basic variant of leaving of the unripe Humans from biobodies during Transition through global epidemics and an aggravation of available illnesses because of loss of immunity because of spiritless lifestyles. And a minimum of accidents where the Person is deprived a choice.

      Just this Program of Transition was entered by me on a plateau Giza.

      4. And through Dream - the message from 18.04.2006: The social shaking up of the society will happen - a collapse of the dollar (first linear falling, and then bifurcation, see. Prigozhin).

      Like sign before inversion of magnetic poles?!

      5. And the last. The amount of signs of Supersinhronisticity (that is Game support of Spirit) continues to grow, beginning from the registration of the passport for travel abroad for 1 week before the trip to Egypt. There were no more time, but the trip was necessary. In three places they have given up, and the necessary person in necessary moment has come in my office himself and has helped to made.

      6. The Gospel from Judas and super researches, histories of religions of Sergey Overa and I.Kalinauskas's last lectures (see a site: http: // ). added to Signs-comprehension from Egypt on April, this year.

      Also it is found out, that the technique of fast Awakening which is synthesized - is restored in our Temple of Light of True, it is just Christening by Light (fire).                        

      Recollect Ioann Krestitell’:

"Who (those who - RÌ) will come after me, will christen you by fire, instead of water ".

      P.S. Angels have called Tatyana after Egypt again to Nepal. She was there on 18-29 of April. He wanted to travel further to Tibet, but by the Will of Destinies appeared in epicentre of an opposition between people and armies of king in Katmandu, capital of Nepal. Her hotel was near to a palace of king.

      In the beginning she was unique who in this super intensed conditions had in a pointed manner breakfast and dinner in the park restaurant of hotel. Big White Beautiful Mature (have two children) Woman, radiating Love, Kindness and Light of True, herself divine personification-an embodiment of  Pancha-Mother in the centre of the opposition. On the one hand, insurgent people, and with another - soldiers. Five days of an opposition she lived in Hotel. And other guests of hotel have joined to her Calmness and Harmony, and then people and soldiers. As the result of also her   participation king has not given the order to shoot, and has agreed, compulsory, on a parliamentary monarchy, as in England.

      Such is our Tatyana Fedorovna – social-energotherapeutist, the Ambassador of the Peace from Ancient Aryan Ural.

      So our Temple of Light of Ural, consecrated through the trip to Egypt, carries Harmony of the New World and Social decent.

      Join us. Carry all best, that is inside and outside of you (Spirit and Knowledge) for construction of the New World inside the Old World.

      “ Kingdom is  inside of you and outside of you ", - Ieshua, son of Maria.




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