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Information – Analysis – Synthesis – Revelations
for September 28 – October 19, 2005.

Rauel Mukhamedyarov, the son of Davlet, PhD in physics and mathematics

La verite c’est de la severe.
L’abbe Maugne

        It’s known, that Magnetic Field of the Earth is recording on the freezing (Kuri point) magma of volcanoes, like on magnetic tape, and, due to that phenomenon, paleontologists have established, that the magnetic poles of the Earth have managed to exchange their places more than 10 times to the present time.

        By the current moment, the Southern Magnetic Pole is situated at the North of Canada, and the Northern pole - in Antarctica. And it is not a mistake! In such position, opposite to the situation of geographic poles, the magnetic poles are usually residing  for about 150.000 years, and in the position, coinciding with the geographic poles - for over than million years  (these data were obtained from investigations of magma).

         During the last 100 years the Southern magnetic pole is moving, still speeding up, from the region of Canada toward the Northern geographic pole and, if keeping the speed observed in 2004, 40 years after it will “arrive” at the region of Novosibirsk Islands. The Northern magnetic pole is moving from the Antarctic region to the Indian Ocean with speeding up. However, if to believe to the predictions-revelations of aborigines of both Americas, it is most likely, that there will not be a smooth movement. There will be spasmodic (jerky) inversion.

          Till now aborigines of both Americas were forecasting, that this super-event “The End of the epoch of the 5th Sun – (Inversion of Magnetic field!? + Turning of geographical poles) will take place on December 21, 2012.

          But on April 2005, the information had arrived from Russian pilgrims of Sai-Baba’s ashram, that super-event “3-5 days of Darkness” – Inversion of the Magnetic Field of the Earth would occur at 2007 (but not at 2012). Information contained some aspects of the Transition, i.e. technologies of preparing people for this Transition-Inversion.

          Relation between the Darkness and Inversion is described by Dr. Melkhisedeck.

          At first I had not perceived the information from Sai-Baba seriously. But the number of signs-events (A,B,C,D) has appeared. Pupils A of the “Institute of Unity” – had informed him on May of that year, that “Large Changes and Social reconstruction of the World in the period from the end of 2006 till 2011 years are waiting for us” – the forecast of Amma and Bhagavan. President B of Russia had visited Arkaim on May of 2005 and India – on August and December of 2004.

          And more. The author (RM) had discovered on May of that year, that all information about the Transition, received  from  Sai-Baba (except the period of 2007), is presented in the Book of  Enoch, with additional details, and more of it, is described by scientific-engineering language. But for detecting it at 719 pages of the text, it was originally necessary to have this information-image.

          The dates in relation to 2007 are repeatedly (no less than for 10 times) expounded in various chapters of the Golden Book – “hard times will come after 2007, so have time to be prepared…” But the author (RM), as well as many, hoped, that still there is a time till 2012.

          There is also another positive information in the “Books of Cryon”: “I have done everything with magnetic field…, in 1987, everything will be good”. But magnetic poles are moving even faster?

            As the author (RM) of present article likes to live in his own biological body and to leave the Earth (neither in 2007, nor in 2012) he is not going (like you, reader), so, since 1999, being the scientist, engineer and inventor (optoelectronics), he is engaged in scientifically-practical searching for the Truth - “Who am I/are we? For what I am/we are exist, and what is waiting for us in nearest years?”

           The engineering search of the investigator-atheist has showed out that the finding out of just the same Truth is impossible without the process of personal Enlightening-Awakening, i.e. “The Coming Down of Sacred Spirit” in terms of the Christianity. The Spirit with Message “comes” Himself in a dream, in reality, wakes up at daybreak, and miraculously disseminates a doubt [1]. The process of Enlightening was begun spontaneously from 2001, during the health improving/harmonization process at seminars of M. Norbekov and Flower of Life. I did not know that and didn’t look for that. Achieving (repeatedly) the states of both Samadhi and going out of Kundalini’s energy onto the level of a physical body (Shiva’s Dance) were happened thanks for the energy of the “Former Sky”, i.e. for the experience of past embodiments.

           I suppose, that it is not late yet to separate pseudoscience, empty rituals, decayed dogmas, accidental (by prophets themselves) and special (by “followers” of prophets’ - earthly interest) distortions of the Thousand-year Revelations from the Light of scientifically-engineering Cognition and to find out properly, what was really reported in the “Revelations for Prophets” during the last 6 thousands years from the “Heavenly Office” of the Creator.

           For that purpose, the new Revelations are given from the “Heavenly Office of the Creator” for last 33 years - there are Direct Knowledge Booksabout the Origin and Evolution of Human Being [2, 3].  The description of the Heavenly Hierarchy of the Creator, organization and laws of Evolution of the Universe are given in them.

          Studying of them and related practice shows, that it is really the Reality of Our World, but not somebody’s crafty draw. RM himself, as an engineer, while getting a revelation, always asks the “Heavenly Office” and receives, as a rule, the confirmation by the information on the physical plan (otherwise the message is considered as his own fantasy, a noise of a mental).

            Thus, we have both old and new Revelations, as well as Knowledge about the Organization of Our World examined by engineering practice.

           According to come indications of many Revelations [1-5], we are (1999 - 2012 (2025?)) in the Resurrection and Ascension period now, in Christian terms.

          Resurrection – it is a combination of the memories of all the embodiments – personalities in biobody (biological body) into one Essence - True Human Being. The Ascension is a transition to an Immortal Body of Light without loosing the biobody and acquiring super abilities (Sidhi) [1-5], i.e. the “Descending of Sacred Spirit” in full (RM).

          According to the Indian Vedas and Puranes [5], five thousand years after the beginning of Kali-Yuga (3100 up to AD) it will be possible the coming of the Golden Century (Satya-Yuga)) for 10.000 years (The Golden Book – 800 years). But, before the Satya-Yuga will come, hard and difficult times are waiting for us - the Transition itself and Rebirth.

          The same sources also informs that during the period of  Transition “the God Kalki, the God of the Universe will return, he will seat on his rapid  white horse Devadatta  and with the sword in hand… shining… with brilliance… will begin to rush… killing  million of thieves, who dared to dress up the  clothes of kings... at 32 years old and within 20 years, escorted by the huge army (144000?! - R.M.) of spiritually cleared Brahmans. And those only who utter the mantra with Krishna’s name will be saved through Enlightening – Awakening.” Recognize? “It is Ioann’s Apocalypse.

             Numerological “sign of the trueness” (the key) is contained in the report “Kalki will return”. According to the Sacred Maya’s Astrology 32+20=52 years - it is one Galactic year, one rotation of    Sirius-B around  Sirius-A. The triple Sirius-(A, B, C) is the special star of our Galaxy, uniting us with Light-Universe of the God [2] (see also books and the Calendar of New Time by H. Arguelles).

            After reading the book by S. Knapp[5], acquired at 18 of September, 2004,  I felt quandary:  “What a horse, what a sword?” But at the next Tuesday, September, 20, at 19.30, while reading the Chapter 28 of the Golden Book, the Revelation had come – “The inversion of the Earth’s magnetic field – it is just the Coming of the God Kalki,”.

           In the book “Ashrams of India”  on behalf of the God’s Angel  Babadga is written that  Maha Crunty (the big destruction) is waiting for us in the near future, and no more than 10% of population (India and Russia – 25% of each) and 10% of  Territory of  the Planet suitable for residing will escape after it. And only those will survive, who reiterates the mantra “Om Navah Shivaya”.

           Bullent Chorak, “the author” of channeling of the (Golden) Knowledge Book (from Archangel Gavriil, she positions it so), also alleges, that only working with the Book and rewriting of it will make you the perfect-true Man and through the Awakening – Resurrection – Ascension will save you.

           Whatever is the Salvation? According to Enoch [3, p.703], “Salvation – is the Process of liberation from habits and sin (and Transition –RM) to eternal Life and everlasting Love in Monastery (i.e. in biobody, not in thin/spiritual bodies) worlds of   the Father.

           So, the one of the results of the Searching for the Truth from 1999 by RM was the fact that he gathered-adopted for Searchers the Technology of the Transition into the Satya-Yuga. This is very serious Statement-Manifestation, as a result of analysis-synthesis of all accessible information, including the Revelations, being received personally by RM since 1983 [1-5].

          Before I had  gathered  the material and had resolved to this publication, they helped and pushed-blessed me on that: Prophets of almost all Religions of  last 6000 years [1], clairvoyants from Ufa, Kamensk-Uralskyi, Eset, the settlement of  Sverdlovsk’s region, astrologists from India (Jotish), Ekaterinburg, Minsk. The author was taught by many Teachers in biobodies from around the World and Russia, and he always discuss the results of the searching with well-known spiritual people of Russia and his own friends, who are less known. So, this publication is the result of the work of many personalities and spiritual essences.

          So then, what parts of  the Forecast  of  the Future and the Technology of  Transition  are most probable and/or known,  and what from That may be opened  now through over  the text using  theses?!

          1. The Sun. What is the reason of super activity? Hydrogen at the Sun, according to the data of astrophysics, had burned out at 50%. But it means, that the volume of burned hydrogen (plasma of helium) occupies 79,4% of the Sun’s diameter, because the densities of plasma and hydrogen are almost equal.

          Thermonuclear reaction takes place already near the surface of the Sun that is why we live already in epoch of agitated Sun, now and forever. The Earth is situated at a distance of 107 diameters of the Sun, and it is very nearly.

          2. Turn of the Earth’s geographic poles in a large way (20-40 degrees) with the global Flood in the near future (about 7 years) is improbable, because the getting warmer (because of exceeding radiation of the Sun) and ice melting at Antarctica, Greenland, and at another places (Kilimanjaro mountain is already without snow) are running at 5-7 times faster than forecasts based on “scientific” models of climate. The getting warmer has leaded to the fact, that Gulfstream is already impeded  at  20% (March, 2005 – RM), that’s why the excess warm is accumulating in the Atlantic equatorial zone and produces powerful hurricanes in America, one by another.

            The presence of melt fresh water on the surfaces of the salt oceans is disturbing the warm - exchange throughout the depth of the ocean and changes all ocean currents and directions of air streams. So, the Earth has entered the epoch of reconstruction of the climate.

             All sources tell about 3-5 days of darkness, but it is the Inversion of the magnetic field [4]. Displacement (drift) of geographical poles is also possible, but no more than at 3-5 degrees. 

          3. According to data of three Worlds (the East of Sai-Baba  and the South [2], West [3]), Human in his biobody alone can’t carry out the Transition - and whichever spiritually-bodily level of his development he has reached, no any previous deserts  are  taken into account. He can carry out the Transition by means of Love-Unity with all Existing only being in social structure of Group-Community consisting of well-known to him and prepared (Solar [2]) friends. “Open your Flower (of Life – RM, see [4]) consisting of (at least) 7 persons” and the process of personal continuous Development-Service - the Golden Book repeats it many times and gives the method-technology for that.

         Buddhism of Mahayana also tells about the “Big Boat”. The spiritually-bodily-energetic vector must be directed at the common weal, i.e. Service and personal Development for implementing the Creator’s Plan of Evolution (individualism is a deadlock). It is your final examination on the Earth, which is alpha and omega, i.e. Gates of Entrance and Exit [2], recall - “through narrow Gates”- Jesus. Only summarizing the spiritual (magnetic) Field (of lively Light) of seven trained men creates the Cupola of Defense and Salvation. According to Enoch it is “the Expanse of Time Contortion, the Column of the Light” [3], and according to the Golden Book [2] - the “Focal Point of the Second Emanation (re-radiation) of the Light of Amon-Ra, the God of our World”. Creator (Allah) established the Worlds and God with knout supports the laws of Evolution.

          RM supposes, that in one “Group” of Transition amount of adults must not exceed 18, and no more than 24, if include children till 18 years. Children informationally and bodily must be prepared for the Transition and trust fully in their spiritually advanced-prepared parents, i.e. to be in Unity with them. Children are disposed in the center of the circle.

The amount of such Groups-Communities for Transition must be large - millions.

          4. Most possible scenario of the Transition-I (Inversion).

          Time of the primary Chaos, de-integration of the Old world – is two weeks. All informational (electronics) and municipal systems and production (plants, thermal power stations) will be forcedly stopped; stuff’s incapability will be added to electro-physical planetary factors. The “Stone Age” will come - living in the country “of the model of 1812”.

          The Transition itself – it is “the Day unites with the Night” - four days of darkness (the end of the Light) in the mind (not at street) of every people for the time of absence of the Earth’s electro-magnetic field, visual and/or psychical darkness. Those, who are ready (i.e. Solar Friends of the Flower of Life) will be connected to the planetary telepathic field-communication from the moment of switching off-disappearing of cellular communication. The Golden Book names the people, followed the way of Development, as the Solar Friends, and the awakened ones as the Humans, i.e. perfect-ripened (true) people.

          The Time of the secondary Chaos – the beginning of the Rebirth - will be prolonged not less than 2 years. It is the decrease and stabilization of the population of the Earth at new level of numbers (~10%), restoration of necessary components (~3%) from the old industrial production, transition at the new social structure (community-umma**, One Human Race of the Earth, disappearance of boundaries and armies). The end of the old World, of Old World’s Order is the beginning of New (Lively) Light (Spirituality), New World’s Order. Group-Community of Transition - it is Your “Noah’s Ark”.  

           In fact, the Transition towards the Satya-Yuga was begun from 1900, from scientific-technical acceleration of Development of Human’s Race [2,4] (that has changed all world into one Internet village-RM), and still will go on for two hundreds years, till all Men of Development will complete the Evolution Step [2].

          5. During the period of absence of magnetic field the surface of the Earth will be opened to the influence of a sharp (corpuscular) cosmic and solar radiation, i.e. for penetrating radiation from the whole sky. It is known, that all epidemics (plague, cholera, Spanish influenza – 20 million victims at the beginning of the 20th century) appeared after the periods of powerful solar magnetic storms, when Solar wind “blew away” the magnetic protection above some regions of the Planet.   Monks at that time prayed for the rescue (of their own) in deep cellars of monasteries, where radiation was not reaching.  People on the surface of the Earth were receiving such dozes of radiations, that their immune systems failed at 60-90% and they were ill and dyed from any infection (see “UFO-Kaleidoscope” from august 2005).

          And monks saved by prayer and cellar, after the solar flare, with their 100%-ly saved immune systems calmly were helping to infectious patients, being not ill themselves.

          Therefore, both during the Transition (4 days and nights of a darkness) and at “usual” solar-magnetic storms it is better to sit out in stone (concrete, brick) houses, farther from windows, nearer to cellars. In these four days it is very important the water-electrolytic balance of biobody.  With itself take a potable water (~6 liters per adult, not mineral) and sea salt in granules (~20 grams). Meal (crackers checked up) only for children. All adults must have four day’s experience of the abstinence-starvation based on the water. Biobody must be leaded to the best status. Clothes must be maximally from natural fabrics. Oven (fire wood, solar oil), in necessity, is available. With itself (on itself) not take any jewellery, talismans and goods of a cult, because “Kingdom is inside you” (in Your Heart, in Your Recognition - RM) – find It.  

          6. How and what will happen with those, who will not be ready for the Transition.

          Lama Olea  Nedal (the second leader of Buddhism Carma Cargyou) on RM’s question about the coming of new Buddha with Renewed Knowledge through 2.5 thousands years after Gautama (i.e. ~2000) said: “Better He wouldn’t come at all, because Gautama has left one more Revelation - average age of the  population of the planet at His Coming will be 10 years old”.

          RM supposes, that it does not mean the departure of almost all adults and Indigo-Children from life. Simply, many people during the Transition will lose their memories and in thinking level will become similar to ten-year-olds. They are ordinary people with good biobody-health and with the first step of spiritual development, for instance, within the frameworks of religions or groups of a spiritual search. During the transition they intuitively (or for the fear) will gather in Groups, but will not be able to open the “Pillar of Light” for themselves and to save their memories.

          Memory, sight-images, thinking of a man are realizing in head’s magnetic field, holographically in volume. That is proving M. Talbot in his book ‘Holographic Universe’. Biostructures - are only the sensors and microprocessors of local management - RM. Crayon informs, that memory of former incarnations for last 26 thousands years is kept in magnetic field of the Earth (Chronicles of Akashi!?). If you will not take your memory before and during the Inversion, it (memory of the whole Sansara’s Wheel) will disappear (loss of a data access) for you after Inversion.

          And it would be necessary to start all over again a Way of embodiments, but not on the Earth. Our World has carried out his task and he is closing up. Who has ripened, passes in the New World (Beta-Nova) [2]; “…all will be changed, but a few will survive…” - Saint Paul.

          During the absence  of magnetic field of the Earth “Promised Heavens will open”, i.e. the Earth will be opened for the radiation of transformation-programming at the DNA’s level from Supreme Worlds for prepared people (transmutation towards New Life – New World – Lively Light of Spirituality) [2,3,4,5].

          But the Earth will be opened in these four days also for Essences from the “Lowest Astral”, so assert Sai-Baba, Enoch [3] and the Gospel from Tolteks (see lower 9+13).

          As nothing is lost at the Creator (the law of conservation of energy), so not ripened (ordinary) people will be captured by these Essences and will be took away by them to the Lowest Worlds. Recognize? The information here rigidly coincides with religious one – “Devils will arrive and will carry away sinners into a hell”.

          It is not necessary to think, that the Essences - “Devils” - want something bad, or they are coming according to special plan from some Monster of Evil?! People in biobody, who have not passed their Finals on the Earth, in the Heavenly Garden of the God (the Earth – it is the Entrance and Exit Gate), will go as teachers-guides to the Lowest Worlds [3], and there will be explain for imps, how the World of the God and its Evolution are organized, and how wrong they were living in the God’s Garden and that is why they  started the Sansara’s  Wheel (reincarnations) over again from the ground floor. And the fact that the Sun and Joy will be not enough in these Lowest Worlds, for that there are the Lowest Worlds (the Hell in religious terms).

         Likewise, again to the Lowest Worlds, away from the Earth, not woken up Messengers of the Light will go [3]. They also call them as Angels “under the agreement", or Bodhisatvas. Entangled in the Chaos of Knowledge and/or in Egoism of a false teacher of spirituality, rejecting the friendship and co-operation ones, will go also there. There is no intercession for anybody, laws of Evolution of the Universe are equal for everybody. Have gone to the World of the Earth - so work according to the Creator’s Plan of Evolution for this World [2,3].

          Besides, “Devils”, in order to speed up the Evolutions of their worlds, will try to capture advanced ones too from the Groups-Communities of the Transition, by breaking off the Circle of Salvation.

          For this purpose, they will seize of the bodies and souls of your intimates (i.e. of your family), whom you have leaved out of the circle of a Group of Salvation. And, being in these bodies with their voices, they will knock at the apartment of the Group of Salvation, entreating to let them in, they also will try to break doors and windows (so tells Sai-Baba). Without biobodies, the “Devils” will not be able to come in and break off the circle - the Flower of Life. That is why, the spiritual searchers have to do everything possible (or even more) in order to attract-prepare the members of their families to the Group-The Flower of Life. The importance of this moment (as the condition of Salvation) was pointed out also by Sui Mintan at his seminar near Chelyabinsk on February, 2005. The Golden Book describes in detail how to prepare the Group the Flower of Life.

          Many people are waiting for a “wonderful portals” and for “magicians in blue starfliers, and for 500 chocolate ices in a gift” to get over the Transition. These all are intellectually-esoteric fantasies of our lazy-bones: the mind and the body. It is so nice to be under self-deception of one’s own mind (I am already spiritually advanced, and what for RM here “is hanging up noodles on ears”?) and not to work over own Development-Service according to previous Knowledge.

          It is possible, that “Devils” (grey aliens!?) will fly in, and on plates, and will take away-save the desiring ones, together with their biobodies, but, only, for what? With high probability - for genetic experiments, or as slaves, or simply as a biomass (see “UFO-Kaleidoscope” ¹ 42, 17.10.05). Free-of-charge cheese happens only in a mousetrap. Recall the phrase from the fantasy “The bug in an ant hill” (A. and B. Stroogatskie, “Fool you are! You have understood nothing yet! They (highly developed civilization) were not saving people. They were saving the Planet from such people”.

          7. Conclusion. What Prophets told about the All These (About the Transition, which is just the Bridge between the Worlds - RM).

          In the Gospel from Tolteks* (p.178) it is written so: “…When the day will merge with night. When you will deeply fall into a chasm (Primary Chaos) and meet there a new day. When nine and thirteen will join, and you will behold a movement above and below. At that time the Snake of Light and Endless Life (inside of you - RM) will burn. On this Earth still (being), you will see all these, and the will of Him (God’s) will come off. Look at: Consecration of new life is already descending out of the heart of the heavens”. 9 and 13 - are the nine “Underworlds” and thirteen “Heavens”, i.e. 22 levels will be opened for the Graduation.

          The Koran (Soora 55/33): “Oh communities of genies and people! If you can pass threw the bounds of the heavens and the grounds, so pass. But you will not pass through without Soultan (i.e. who possess the true knowledge)”.

          Enoch: “The Transition – it is the Jehovah’s Day, the Day of Graduation, or Court, depending on how the soul is judging itself  by Father’s Love and by inner Christ's Light” [3].

          The Gospel from Philipp: “Those who thinks, that being died they will revive (at Paradise - RM), are wrong. If they will not revive, being still in alive body, so, having died, they will not receive anything ".

          The Gospel from Phoma: “Jesus said: “The one, who has got drunk out of my lips will become like me. And I at the same way, I shall become him, and secret will open for him…” “Angels are coming to you, and prophets and they will give you that your, and you at the same way give them that in your hands, (and) say yourself (ask yourself - RM): “At what day they are coming (and) taking that belongs to them?"

          From the Vau Puran: “...Then (sudden change of Yuga, i.e. the Transition – RM) Siddhs (completed – RM) will return in Terrestrial dimension and will become visible again. With them … Saptarishi, seven sages (from seven stars of the Great Bear…-RM)" [5, p.165].

          Enoch: The “Son of a Man will come back victoriously with the Melkhisedeck’s Order and with the Sons of the Light (B’nay Orr) [3, p.692 – Rolls of the Dead Sea / Kumran Manuscripts].

          Organizers of the Groups of the Flower of Life during the Transition will acquire Health Improvement, Rejuvenation, Body of Light and endless life (600 years of Methuselah). And for those who simply will pass threw (Transition) according to the methodology of the Golden Book (short Way) will be needed for one-two more reincarnations for the Body of Light threw Love and Unity, and they will get these incarnations during the  next 200 years [2].

          Here are both the God’s Stick and Carrot -“Body of Light and Eternal Life”. Choice is for you. With each Thought, each Word, each Act you, yourself,are choosing your personal Development-Future and thus the Future for both the Human Race and the Earth.

          But the Way of Development in Spirit is successful only in the case of social success (job is the first service [2]) in this Real World, You have chose this Time and this Earth for Incarnation yourself.

          “The Seventh Day/EON of the Creation… still has not came to end,” ([3], 668 p.) - You still have a time.

“It is a lot of wisdom - much grief,
It is a lot of ignorance - many disasters!” - Solomon (Ecclesiast).

          The list of Sources****.

          1. Heavenly Support Team (time + revelation): Angel-Curator (19.02.1967 – “Help/ks!!); Bodkhidkharma (1983 - “Three lives within one biobody + heavenly phone”); Buddha Gautama (June, 1999 - “Time of Mantreya-Kalki has came”, 31.10.2001 - “To build up the Bridges between the Worlds, and to collect up-wake up 144 Masters of Light for service”); Chronicles of Akashi (2000 – “Future”); Jesus (31.10.2001 – Omen, 19.03.04 - Gifts); Muhammad (texts); Keeper (Arkaim), May, 2003 - the dream “River-bed, well”, 28.06.03 - “The Earth, time, Shutlyk”; Archangel Gavriil – the channel of the  Knowledge Book (from August, 2003; 21.06.04 – the “Gates of Omega” are Opened); Archangel Gavriil (for Vagiz Yu. - 22.09.04 – “Aborigines of Urals must return Omkar to Ancestral Home”; Spirit-the Source  from 2003., 8-16.04.05 – “Transfer the Egregor to Urals, to Russia”; 21.06.05 – “To declare, that the time had come to gather in communities of Transition”); Rama (31.01.05 – “Reality”); Ketzalkoatl (12.06.05, kin 60, – the dream: “Dragon-Rainbow”; 18.08.05 – “Toltek (125/140), read”); Melkhisedeck (2002; 24.09.05 – “Sons of Light”); Babadgi (24.09.05 – “Saptarishi”);

          2. Bulent Chorak. The Knowledge Book (Golden). – Istambul: DKBMYV, 2002. - 1198 ñ.

          3. J. Hoortak. The Knowledge Book: Enoch’s Keys. K.G. Kravtchuk’s publishing house, Moscow, 2003. 719 p.

          4. Drunvalo Melkhisedeck. The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life. (2 volumes.). Gelios, Moscow, 2001. -248/256 p.

          5. Stiven Knapp. Vedic forecasts. “Filosofskaya Kniga”, Moscow, 2000. 184 p.

          *) the goal of the North – the Rebirth of the Knowledge Saptarishami; **)Umma – Community of Light; ***)Toltek – a Man of Knowledge; ****) for detailed links and scientific proofs look in other works of RM.

         P.S:The Last messagå - 7.10.2005:
          “Present the Team and the Revelations,  this article is not rehearsal”.                                                                                                                                             Spirit - the Source. 

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It is the full text of the speech made at the conference of Urals department of the International Association “World threw the culture” on August 20-21, 2005, at settlement Reftinskii  of  Sverdlovsk  region.The article was published in the newspaper “Secret of Life” 12(30) 2005, from 24.11.2005 (p. 6-7)





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