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Awakening - Enlightenment of the Person of Euro - Society as the basic direction of overcoming the crisis by Mankind.

Spirituality, Lifestyle, Health and Evolution of the Person

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Traveling of RA-u-ELL’ Mukhamedyarov to Egypt on equinox-March

Nature - Space Rhythms, Quality of Life and Evolution of a Person of the Earth

How to Keep Health and Life under the Conditions of the Solar Magnetic Storms and Inversion of the Magnetic Field of the Earth

The Universe According to RA

True and Reality of our World Phenomenon of success of the book and the film "The Code of Da Vinchi"









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"The Person and Russia in the World of XXI century " - the Program of DEVELOPMENT.

1. Culture, spirituality, lifestyle, health and evolution of the Person. Who am I and for what existing?! Whether there has come Time of Revival and Ascension?! What is it?!

2. Transformation of the World of the Earth. The end of Old worlds organization is the beginning of the New Light, the New World. Astrology of Maya and the Calendar of New Time (13 months with 28 days each + 1 day). Change of chronicle of Existence in April, 16, 2005.

3. Secrets of: "the Golden Knowledge Book" - Tables of Divine Precepts of 21 century from Archangel Gavriil; Knowledge Books: Keys of Enoch; Slav-Aryan Vedas; Gospel of Tolteks.

4. Old Russian and Arabian languages - structural Divine-Cosmic languages of left and right hemispheres of a brain of the person. Awakening and development of superabilities through knowledge of structure of divine two-language. Koran is the multilevel book of knowledge of the educated Islam, a community (Umma - Arabian) "Community of Light ".

5. Revelations, Applicability and the future of Russia in 21 century. Russians, Turks1, Arabs and Indians have one destiny, one Culture, one future. Returning (Restoration) of ancient knowledge (of Vedas, enriched with knowledge of Dravides2) on their Ancestral home (Ural, Russia).

6. Our vision of the project "Transition in the Golden Age" - creation of "Institute of Evolution of the Person" here, on Ural, in city Ekaterinburg. And within the framework of institute - gathering of Group 12/18/144 with the aim of realization into life the Revelations " Ural - Russia - the World in XXI century ".

7. The Program and practices of the accelerated Improvement, Development and Evolution of the Person - the scientific - engineering approach on the basis of religious and ezoterical Knowledge of all World, of all Culture of Mankind. (Result of practice for Searchers of the Way 1,3 - 9 months).

7.1. Evolutionary: Acceptance and Realization of the Way of Development of Mankind and the Universe, as Plan of Evolution from the Creator (Universal Reason).

7.2. Physical: improving of a biological body (articulate gymnastics, activation of DNA, correct meal and lifestyle on basis of Aurveda, tra, Yoga).

7.3. Psychological: disposal of negative emotions and stereotypes of thinking; healing of mutual relations; Culture and art of creation of Aura of Love, Cooperation and Harmony.

7.4. Initiations in the Temple3 of Light of Knowledge and Love; the Solar Friend; the Pillar of Light; Returning of Omkr.

7.5. Power:- Awakening of heart and harmonization of work of both hemispheres of a brain (diksha/shaktipat).- Chakras (power) harmonization of a biobody of the person (own original technique).

7.6. Social: Development (opening) of abilities of the Person and his success in society.

Successes for everybody in DEVELOPMENT in
Spirit, Biobody and in Society.

Council of evolutionary movement Svet Belyi Urala

1- Turk group Bashkirs, Tatars, Kazakhs, Kirghizs, Ooigours, Turks

2- Dravides indigenous population of India until the coming of Aryans

3- Temple of New Time is the one of 24th on the Earth Planet

4- Noospheral Spiritually-Ecological Assembly of the World

5- National-Cultural Autonomy of Sverdlovsk Oblast







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