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Awakening - Enlightenment of the Person of Euro - Society as the basic direction of overcoming the crisis by Mankind.

Spirituality, Lifestyle, Health and Evolution of the Person

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Spirituality, lifestyle, health and Evolution
of the Person
(theses of the report) *

1. A healthy mind in a healthy body (it is the slogan of physical culture of the USSR) but in Germany already before the war youth brought up under the slogan "Force through pleasure", they (fascists) had special institutes and program “Anenerbe” where studied ancient secret (occult) knowledge and applied them to management of millions. The same practice "ecstasy - pleasure" as state of mind was used during thousand years by mystics of the east (in Islam, sufizm). The same practice is used by the known healer, sufyi, our contemporary Mirzakarim Norbekov.

2. The Bible says: "At the beginning there was a word ", Jesus says to pupils: "If you have belief even so small as a mustard grain,…the Mountain will move, «Kingdom of heaven is inside of you ». Pupils - a question: "When the heavenly kingdom will come? "The first Answer: «When two brothers in one house will become one»; Judea in that old time preferred to speak using the ciphered phrases (if the pupil himself does not think he does not develop). It means connection in uniform work (an idea - intention) two hemispheres (brothers) of a brain which are taking place in one cranium (house). Belief (see the “mustard grain”) this is a status of a unity of an idea with energy of a body. And your energy are all the same Kundalini. And if you lift it in a volume even about a mustard grain, through all chakras (from muladhara and sahasrara) your intention incorporates to Divine Will and Energy and there will occur that ordinary people name a miracle (result without seen technological process). The second answer : «When the man and the woman become one» (it is not sexual connection in pair), this is association of four bottom  polar chakras through the rise of Kundalini’s energy. This status named Avalakiteshvara. Connection of the Man (external) with the Woman (internal) and vice versa.

3. Let us consider now the essence of the person, it is in three in one -  Body - Mind - Spirit. (see fig. 1).

You are the Body at a physical level. If it is healthy, you do not feel it. And thus you think (it is not comprehension), that you are Mind. And then you are the Mind, so you are  that, that you are thinking about yourself (1), or it seems to you (2), hence, you live in errors (as a rule).

But in any Aspect all of you are equal in Mind. But all people are different (and in success too). But everybody are clever and anybody never admits: "mind is that does not enough to me". Actually the person does not have enough Knowledge - comprehension - «who is he and for what exists? »

When the error of your Mind about yourself loved (Ego) faced with a rigid Reality of environment, your Mind (Ego) broken into a heap of splinters. With it a woman has crying, a hysterics, a neurosis, and a man has ulcer, a heart attack, an insult (and at everybody are alcohol, smoking, overeating and other “drugs” for a leaving from reality). And when there comes the Stress - situation, whether you use your Mind?

The known Russian proverb says - "the Stomach (Life) (not Mind) or death? "If you have got in a stress - situation, your consciousness (there is no time to think) moves in a stomach (in the centre of storage of your energy) and if you have this energy, you throw it in a physical body and in White Fury (I am growing!) conduct Struggle-fight for your life on the basis of emerged subconscious techniques, or impose naturally full trousers, as a bear. But the bear is released for acceleration of run and thus defecate on catching up opponent.

4. Also everyone say about a man: «he is an animated essence». What it means, as a matter of fact? Saint Paul has told: «Your Bodies are the Temple of Sacred Spirit living in you whom you have from the God, and you are not  yours».

4.1. That is the Spirit comes with the Plan of Destiny for your Body and Mind, i.e. your concrete life - embodiment. It is the Plan of your personal development and evolution which is a part of Development and Evolution of Uniform (Reason-God-Universe). If you take to yourself in a duty the Plan, you receive determined RATION (pleasure, love, success, overcoming of failures) and if is not, so present destiny - villain (the choice always for you). A free choice only with over-fulfilment of the plan. Truly believers (in Spirit) each minute (here and now) live so that to be ready the next minute to answer the God. He peeps always from behind the left shoulder: "In what they are engaged here?!".

4.2. Development and evolution of Gene-essence of the person (the SPIRIT is perfect initially, he is from Uniform) is realized, as is known, through set of lifes-embodiments (reincarnations). The spirit settles in your Body and Mind (rudimentary) at about 3-4 months of intra-uterine development up to +1 month after birth), and you sit in the Cage (prison) of your Spirit, and through a silver power cord (from a navel) you are connected with uniform energy-informational field. People who are afraid to pronounce the word "God" tell about a field. And we in Evolutionary movement “Svet Belyi Urala” («White Light of Ural» are not afraid and we know, that the God (and his good fortune) is not the property of neither the basic religions, nor their numerous sects. The god is inside (and outside) of each of us - «Kingdom is inside and outside of you» - Jesus.

4.3. But he (SPIRIT) is in the Cage (prison) of your Body and Mind and if the stench of a body and mind of the certain individual from stinking life starts to pass to Soul, so he (SPIRIT) presses the button "ejection" earlier and the pilot (Spirit) leaves this Plane (Body). And already neither the device of lungs, nor the device of heart, the device of kidneys (all are artificial) will not help this individual - to Mind and the Body. His life is left. That is the Spirit is essence of Our life. Really, everybody speak (and atheists too) - «Soul is pleased, not on a place, hurts », but do not reflect on Essence of Said.

Believers (fondly or realizing) in the uniform God thus assume, that right after death of the Body they will get on God’s Court, where it will be necessary to be responsible for all acts of this life.

5. And now the first base question is before you. Whether you recognize: that you are the animated Human Being (and soul is from the God); that your Body and Mind are terrestrial, animal, and Spirit is from Space Heavens (extraterrestrial -from stars)? From many sources (for some thousand years) it is known, that Souls arrive (and depart) to the Earth basically through the Threefold star Sirius, namely, through the Portal "Light - the Universe of the God". In our physical world this star is double. That is as Spirit, you are Space essence.

Let's imagine (it is the game), you respond on the first question: "Yes, I have Soul from the Uniform God ".

6. Then follows the second base question: «Whether you Want in this life (here and now) to establish reasonable cooperation with the Spirit inside you? » As you have come on this meeting - conference (or read this text), you say again: "Yes".

And then you have accepted here the Game of the God and each passer now, any event around is the next lesson of the God  shown for youthe most optimum for your Development.

If you establish constant Dialogue-cooperation now with Soul you start to live in event in a new fashion,  according to  messages which are submitted to you with Spirit.

It named (in Russian) shortly - "To live on Conscience". Jesus has told about it: "Be rescued yourself, and thousands around of you "will be rescued" “do not judge…", and work above yourselves! As all are simple, it appears! (Not likely!?)

7. Here already arises 2 sub-questions.

7.1. It appears that you only say "Yes" and are not going to do something actually yet (on later). It is terribly difficult - to live on conscience, you see that your interior world (Mirage, Maya) is constructed basically  on a lie owing to the same as All External world - on a lie. The majority adapts, restrained, some break through a leaving in illness, drunkenness. But there are Rebels- singles, thousand unknown buried in a sand of a Time. If they had not time (in time?!) to burn out, to crucify them, the history of the World names them Prophets. They say to people around (to you): «The God has given me the Revelation» (by the way, in translation on Greek - the Apocalypse). They collect the command of "hooligans"-apostles and make a Revolution of Outlook (next), and fruits of their works are appropriated by adaptors. Imperial Rome and other. "Having ears" and eyes known everything himself.

But there are many people (with higher education and without it) who do not read "clever- spiritual" books, but from the very childhood live on conscience. They are naive (without comprehension) “Buddhas” which have kept their Awakening and love to all Real from their birth. You always recognize them by your Heart.

7.2  But if you actually have chosen  the Way of Awakening and Life in Spirit, and want             

Developments-evolution (transformations into a body of Light, Transition - as you prefer to name) there arises a third base question: «And according to what materials, teachers, books, it is necessary to follow? » And here you are waited today by «Poverty from Abundance». The Real Chaos of Knowledge from thousand books. Only the laziest today does not write articles, books about spirituality. Or does not copy another's on his own manner.

7.2.1. And I want to tell from this tribune, that our Evolutionary Movement “Svet Belyi Urala” (White Light of Ural) is engaged in Scientific - practical Studying of this process of Transition since 1999 and can offer you now the sequence and contents of techniques of such work (i.e. technology in engineering language).

7.2.2. We have also methods of calculation (on birthday and Name, Surname, Patronymic) of those who appeared now on the Earth as Angels in the flesh under the agreement for Rescue (Transition) of the others.

Unfortunately, many of these Angels have not received due Education - Training - Development, they are not ready yet to carry out the Divine Plan of Destiny during Transition (Revival - Ascension). And they need immediate help, actually, even at a level of the safety precautions since there already has come Time of their Awakening for active work. They wake up  spontaneously, irrespective of own desire. It is the rising of Kundaliny (India), or Descending of the Sacred Spirit (Christianity). Visions, conversations with spirits began to appear before them in reality (it is as two programs of the TV in one channel, one of them is an ordinary thinking). They become not adequate with Environment (temporarily are switched off from it), and intimates (surrounding) take them in mental hospital as do not understand the essence of  event. And there it is a lot of medicines and up to idiocy from them it is absolutely close. If to give them Knowledge about them and what occurs with them it will be the most valuable part of the today's society which have lost spirituality.

8. There is such incorrect expression “TO OPEN PRANA’S CHANNEL to PERSON”. Alive person has Prana’s channel always opened (as far as it is open and how this divine energy - additional charging is used is a separate question). If they really open - start again Prana’s channel to you, it means, that you have already died and Jesus himself recovers you as he had done it with Lazar. By the way about a reality of this event (for me, the author) testifies a fact - detail, that Jesus was carried away after this miracle on a stretcher, and during 2 days he could not even rise from bed.

8.1. If to address to the Act of creation of the Man (see fig. 2) at the first stage of

connection of sexual cells (gametes), cell-fission of the largest cell of the Man (ovule) goes inside, without external changes, further the germ starts to grow and forms a torr (bagel) aperture–axis of which  is just formation of Prana’s tubes of the Man. A newborn’s tube passes on the physical plan through fontanel, and below is between two secretory apertures and externally is not allocated.

Further occurs a difference of cells in a germ and ordinary - known second food tube (gastroenteric path) is forming.

So a body energetically consists of two nutritious through tubes (prana’s and food’s) and of a skin for connection (and movement) of which a muscular skeleton and a skeleton are intended. (Muscles are holding you, not a skeleton,  do not forget it!) By means of what you are thinking and where you are storing a data-memory, actually is not in your body, otherwise at dying of the Body you would take away a corporal brain with yourselves in the following incarnations.

8.2. Now we shall consider functioning of a food tube from engineering-power point of view. See fig. 3.

Àll food which is eaten during 24 hours by the ordinary person let us accept for 100 %. He acquires about 30% from it, and 70% goes in waste products (and some carry them on themselves and inside themselves). And so 70% from the acquired energy of 30% (i.e. 20% from initial) your organism spends for pushing through (recycling) of 70% of food unnecessary to him. That is for useful function of an organism you spend the rest equal only to 10%.

And how you spend it? Measurements on sportsmen have shown, that in a status of a rest of a physical body 80% of consumed oxygen spends a brain. That is the person of brainwork on the average spends for functions of MIND 8%, and on maintenance of a physical body 2 % from energy of initial food.

8.3. Why  he (the ordinary person) eats so much? That is he digs a tomb by a spoon.

The person eats substantially and 3-4 times per 24 hours - only last ~150 years of the history. Therefore his Gastroenteric path  has the maximal productivity in  3-7 times above of average- necessary, since earlier (tens thousands years in a wood - in caves) he had very substantially (meat) eaten 1-2 times per one week, and the rest of the time he was interrupted on a trifle (had eaten a small amount of food). Kazakhs, they say, at present time can eat one ram per two during the one day, but then 2 days lay and drink only green tea.

We have bad meal (it is intended for storage and reception of the profit) a variety is not present (7 tastes it is necessary, see Aurveda), therefore there is not present the feeling of saturation (replaced by volume).

The habit transferred on a sort: eat today (when there is a food), or there suddenly may be a poor harvest.

And, at last, the modern-ordinary person has it as the basic way of a reception of pleasure. Ancient Romans (who had good mind) accepted emetic right after feasts in order to not be poisoned with excess of food.

8.4. Let us return to 8% of energy on function of Mind. Scientists have found out that during 24 hours the person produces 35-45 thousand ideas. What is the production! Where is it?! The great inventor, American Òhomas Àlva Edisson each day (in the best years) declared one patent - the invention (700 assistants worked on him). That is one idea per day.

And what about other 99,998% of ideas? About anything? It not a dialogue, is a monologue of the MIND which is corrupted from idleness and released on freedom. Ideas about yesterday's (ah, it is missed the moment), about the future (shall not miss). This verbal Diarrhea of MIND about everything, but only it (MIND)  is not present   in the present, which  is here and now. You are do not live in the present.

As soon as you will stop a monologue of Mind and will force to work it  here and now really  in the present you will be realized as the Master, and during Creation you will become uniform with the Act of Creation and the Result of Creation.

And the "poor" Creator (and he will forgive me for this definition) during already for 6000 years (traditional religions) tries to knock up to us (Mankind) in order we though sometimes remembered, that we are his Divine Creation. When his patience comes to an end, he says: "That is all, my this Garden is over with weeds for the next 26000 years (from 83 cycles of a laboratory planet the Earth), I shall not look after it further. I shall collect the ripened fruits and the best bushes (finished terrestrial Development and Evolution) and I shall replace them in the New Garden on New Land. I give them 2 more summers (two incarnations), and who is with God, and who is in Impasse (we shall grind these weeds in a flour for fertilizer).

9. Our technological World (all convenience to the Person) is created by engineers - inventors, scientists. Everything that surrounds us, the Nature, the universe, and the Person himself are the Creation of Creator. This creation is supported in the order (in balance) by God (Prevailing, remember the Whip of God).

Now, when the technological world is in impasse, new problem is before us, the engineers, it is necessary - to seize Scientific Spirituality («All riches which the Mankind - CPSU has saved up»)  for Knowledge of True and Personal («By Narrow gates» - Jesus) Development and then to offer it as the technology to wide layers of the society. («And when I shall be ascended, I shall recruit everybody to me» - Jesus). First experiments are on himself (as Lui Paster), and then on interested persons.

We do not worship any one Doctrine (or the Guru). We have the Analysis-Practice-Synthesis. And we have magnificent tool for such work – it is «the Book of Knowledge, the Table of Divine Precepts for 21 century».

10. Now it is the time to return to a question of Transition (Awakening-Revival-Ascending) in which we are with you. The period of Revival is not finding of flesh by skeletons in tombs (muscles and other) and running on streets for pleasure, that Today he has revived (I so itself thought earlier).      

Revival - it is a connection in the uniform Person and Comprehension of memory of all your re-incarnations. You live (ordinary) in one body how if you were many People with Habits, Development and Contradictions from the last periods till our days (and they operate you in a casual kaleidoscope).

Ascending - it is a connection with force of Comprehension of your Brain of consciousness of all 64 billion cells of your Body, and it is the transition to the Body of Light and an opportunity to move along the Beam (to teleport-to ascending). But first of all the stairway of Ascending, as the Progression of Consciousness.

Awakening (Enlightenment) – it is the first stage when the person lifts energy of Kundaliny at top (spiritual) chakras and the basic part of his energy spends for the Development and Life in Spirit (instead of on a sex and generation of low emotions). Purification and work on strengthening of a physical body, inside and around of which whole power work of Transformation is focused is very important here. All extraneous: stones (bilious, kidney’s, intestinal), adjournment on bones, all should be removed at the first stage, differently you will not pass through the Beam of teleportation (will burn down, see. Àgni-yoga).

So, Time which were warned by Prophets during 6000 years, has come. The Time of prays, worships, sacrifices, Prophecies has terminated to the beginning of 21 century.

Creator has created the Man from his Love and the Man carries Creative Energy of the God, Development and Evolution to the Supreme Worlds.

Nobody can sit out, if you do not move to Light (Knowledge) of the God to incorporate with the God you inevitably fall in Darkness … (a limit of re-incarnations is exhausted).

On this strongly positive chord I finish.  

The Literature:

1.Northern America. Drunvalo Melkhisedek (1985-94) Ancient  secret of the Flower of Life», 2 volumes.  (the Field of Light of Measures - Êà-Áà is your personal UFO).
2.Southern America. Hoze Àrguelle’s (1987) - Out of  tecnology’s Way. Factor of Ìàya. osmology. A calendar of New Time. Holon-unity of soul and of mind.
3. Australia. Jasmuheen (1995) - the Spiritual resonance. Prana’s meal, etc. Books(Light consciousness, refusal from meal;how to begin the Angel in flesh).
4. Africa. Òåun Ìàres (1995) - Doctrine of Tolteks, a series of books (the Way of Knowledge  and    Freedom).
5. Europe. Russia.      Kljuev A.V. (2003) - Freedom from death. Lessons of the future. Circulation in eternity.
6. Europe. Ukraine Oris - S.Tsvelev (1999) Books of Epoch of Aquarius (it is a lot of books) (Crimea)
7. Asia. Turkey.
Bulent Chorak (1981-93) The Knowledge Book (the Gold Book of  the Gold Century)

1. Avoid bias.

2. Be objective in your judgements.

3. Approach to all from the scientific point of view.

4. Follow logic and common sense.

5. Do not neglect earlier acquired experience.

* These are the developed theses of the report at scientific and pedagogical conference “Ideas of the New world in modern science, pedagogics and social life” of the Ural branch of the international association of «The World through culture», August, 21-22, 2004, Ekaterinburg/

With   Love, RA-uELL’, September, 30, 2004.








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